Thank you for visiting my site. You might have noticed that it is made up of mostly images, with very little info about the work.  This is intentional.  I want the viewers to experience the art as it is (albeit online), untempered by the usual data(date, size, title, medium etc.) .  If you'd like to know more about specific pieces, write to me and I'll be happy to furnish that information. 

I"m planning on using this blog section to write a little about each series o f work featured on this site.

MARGINS:  This is work that I'm currently developing. I don't have much to say about it yet, other than it has something to do with those of us who are living in the margins of the margins, in one way or another.   The thing with making art (for me) is that the visual/tactile impulse tends to lead, and words about the art come later.  That's where I'm at with this series right now.