Writing, drawing, scribbling and scrawling have always been an integral part of my life. This series is dedicated to my father, Sid Smith, painter and calligrapher , who introduced me to beautiful writing and art-making in NYC back in the 1950's and '60's.  I would also like to thank master graphologists, Roger Rubin and Janice Klein for their mentorship and friendship in the study of graphology, and more. 

Words Fall Away is an ongoing series that began in 1998. The work emerged from open-ended experiments in non-verbal communication as I moved through my daily life in silence. I was interested to see what would happen internally and externally if i chose to stop speaking for moments, hours, days, weeks at a time.  

Over the years, as the experiments and artwork evolved, I noticed how we humans have a need to leave our mark, one way or another….. to let it be known "I am here….I was here….I matter….I have mattered."

words fall away….

what are the implications...

what remains...

ineffable joy

unspeakable sorrow


the storm's eye?

y'know, words will fail you,

hope will betray you,

faith will mislead you,

your flesh will slowly tear from the bone and all your dreams will fade into the night.

rejoice !!